Music is POWERFUL. Sound has the ability to create ambiance out of thin air…literally.

Wondersync Sounds understands the importance that the experience of a perfect song is able to create.

This is why our catalog has been carefully curated to contain the highest quality songs from the top independent composers, producers, and songwriters from around the world.

Wondersync Sounds is a boutique music licensing and publishing company specializing in the publication of music for TV, film, commercials, and other visual media outlets. The company was founded in 2018 as a way to give independent composers and producers the opportunity to have their music licensed for commercial use.

The Wondersync Sounds’ roster currently consists of 12 producers and composers from around the world who have contributed their music to create a library of 600+ songs. Our team of writers have had their music licensed by networks such as MTV, VH1, Netflix, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, PBS, Animal Planet, TruTV and many more.

We believe that passion is the key to success: Sleek, Simple, Satisfaction

Let us help you tell your story.

Galaxy - A. Khaskin

Reminisce - A. Khaskin

Roof of The World - A. Khaskin

Lexus - A. Nittoli & F. Manzi